How To Uninstall The Discord App Permanently

Discord is updating its privacy policy on regular basis to identify the bots and phone verification routine. But most of the users are complaining that its new privacy policies are flagging normal users as bots, and now they want to leave Discord. So, in this tutorial, we will learn about how to uninstall the Discord … Read more

Discord Spam Bots

This is an informative article about discord spam bots we are not promoting spammy activity over here. So here we aware of what is spam bot and how it actually works or there is any spam bot available or not for discord to avoid the spam or malware messages, plus using a discord spam bot … Read more

How to update Discord on various devices

Discord is one of the best chatting tools that is mostly used by the gaming community. This app lets the users communicate over any network while playing the games. Now regular users are also using it for education or business purposes. Here you can make servers, channels, groups to share your thoughts using a topic … Read more