How to Use Carl Bot Discord [Complete Guide 2021]

About Carl Bot

Carl Bot is a multifunctional type of bot which performs multiple operations which a popular bot can do.

By using the carl bot you can manage logs, create reaction roles, and store chats, like many other discord bots available online. In terms of privacy & security carl bot takes smart action, is someone posts spammed content carl bot detects that and penalizes the user for next time.

If you have a huge server with thousands of the community joined daily then the carl bot sends a friendly welcome message to them automatically doing the same thing if the person is leaving the server, and maintain a user engagement through starboard.

Carl bot used by the very waste community in their site they mentioned over 215 Million of people using carl bot in over 1.7 Million servers.

Which is very huge numbers. So you can easily assume the popularity of this bot.

If you’re a beginner in discord server then using a carl bot seems harder for you. So I also suggest you use dyno bot as well. But if you follow this article from start to end then obviously you get a proper guide about How to Use Carl Bot Discord.

By using the carl bot you can do many advanced changes in your discord server which may also customize according to your requirement.

It haves a number of amazing features which give freedom to admin and allow special permission to moderator members.

Table of Contents

How to Use Carl Bot Discord

Before start using the carl bot first, you need to set it up this bot like another bot, This is a simple and quick process but for new members, I explain the step-by-step guide of setting up Discord Carl Bot on your discord server

Discord Carl Bot Set-Up Process

  • First, you have to visit the official carl website the URL is: just open it from any browser.
  • The homepage is simple with minimalistic options just click on login from the top right corner. Keep register yourself first in discord server or if you have an account just make a login by entering your Email ID.
  • Now from the available server list select any one of them.

  • After selecting a  server you need to choose a feature that you want to add and click on accept button.

  • Now go to your discord server in the dashboard you will see the Carl Bot option is available there now.

  • In Carl, bot dashboard open the command section and you will be able to apply all the useful commands which we discussed below.

As you see installing the Carl bot in a discord server is a pretty straightforward process it takes a few minutes to accomplish it fast.

Carl Bot Commands and Useful Features

Essentially for managing your Discord server carl bot have some useful command which offers different features. So I explain some of them which you can apply for moderation and operating your server.

Welcome new members command

This command is very useful if you invite members with positive welcome messages. It helps to build a community stronger with new members.

Or also if the member is leaving the server you can give them advice by sending a motive message considering what’s the reason for leaving.

While using carl bot the message generated automatically just you need to set up it one time. And the rest of the task will be done by the bot itself.

The Reaction roles command

This is a more popular reason why people using the carl bot command. like in discord we can assign different roles for the member. So this bot will help you to assign the role of new members and moderators. So if you have a large community in the server you can set multiple roles and keep a record for them like which type of rection they perform on this basis you can set up their roles. The role will automatically be assigned as the reaction you have chosen.

You can choose from the 250 roles list. It’s also able to restrict the people who’re spamming on your server or you can limit their activity. Write neat embeds saves your time of typing emojis & adding roles. Plus you can take people in the different categories according to their behaviours like blacklist or white list.

Log chats and everything else

If you have any important conversation in a personal chat or server, then it saves in the backend of the carl bot. Rather than messages it also backlogs the records about members from their joining to leaving period. And many other events which happen on your server.

Permission system

If you don’t want to waste your time, to setting up each and every rule. So you can manage the bulk of command rule at one carl bot dashboard. You’re not interfering with anyone’s work. it creating a reliable system. And if the new update comes out it automatically adopt that without annoying all the time. Even you can customize commands and effectively utilize the bot’s potential by changing the default setting.


This carl bot command works effectively in the discord server while you were offline. If someone is misbehaving in your channel, or doing any spammy things, or use offensive language then this Mod automatically detects that and punished that user or applies a limitation to their server activity.

How to Use Carl Bot Command

Some of the useful command which helps you to operate carl bot more effectively. So follow this for basic bot setup.

What are the commands for Carl bot?

Setting up the prefix

If you use prefix and want the bot will respond on that so you have to just type


At a time in Carl Bot, you can use 15 prefixes. So for adding another prefix just type the below line.


Setting up the discord channels

For setting up the channel in discord you need to use this command.


It will automatically save all the log details like messages information, role update, and the name changes details plus many others which you can see in the carl bot dashboard. And for Deciding where to join, leave or ban messages you have to use this line prompt.


Setting up reaction roles, How do I make a role with Carl bot?

Setting up reaction roles is a very handy task and it saves your time by doing it manually. It gives a superb performance in its own channels. So in the carl bot, there is one command by using that you can create reaction roles with some limited permissions. This carl feature found to be useful for many users.

For creating a channel you need to use this command.


If you’re a new then I suggest you to use !rr make

Setting up Modlogs

This type of command we mostly used in a clean slate. For creating a new channel with some convenient permission you need to use this function.


If you have an existing channel in which the moderation actions have sent then we can use this command.


Setting up starboard

This function will help you to create starboard.


If you want to change the expected number of stars then you to use the below command.


Configuring logs

If you go with the default carl bot log setting then it will save all the data like every member and channel record. But sometimes this is useless we just want to log some specific data and we can do this by configuring log in carl. Like if we don’t want to store message edit then we have to type.


Then it doesn’t show a message in the log.

Additionally, !log   the command will help you to find out what are you toggling there like it takes an event.

We also can ignore the deleted message in certain channels or in mod channel by typing this code  !log ignore #Channel Name

It helps you to ignore messages from unwanted channels.

Setting up a mute role

If we denied the send message by creating a role with the permission, so you have to type

!muterole create

NOTE : This will not affect the upcoming channels which will newly be created. So don’t worry about that.

So the user can mute by the following command now.


Adding twitch streamers

So if you love to watch twitch streaming and followed and streamers then you can watch them directly adding them via carl bot, for that type

!twitch Streamer Name

So next time while the user comes online it will inform you by notification.

Setting up join messages

For that, first, we have to set the message with the previously set channel.


Although we can customize the different messages according to the information which we want to send to new members as welcome notes. Like that


Benefits of using Carl Bot over Other Bots

  1. You can access the carl bot dashboard from anywhere and from any device whether it’s PC, tablet, or Mobile.
  2. The embed builder with color picker option makes it, more easier to create carl memes.
  3. Starboard will manageable directly from the web.
  4. You can easily customize AutoMod settings.
  5. What we kept in the log is decided by us.
  6. We’re able to create custom commands for repeating processes.
  7. A very lightweight dashboard makes it very quick and responsive and newer updates help to fix bugs.
  8. Command permissions
  9. Embedded, joining, and leaving messages for new & old members.


Running a discord server by using bots gives a triller experience. It allows much freedom and changes the way of handling our whole channel.

Carl bot is one of the best tools in this category. It reduces your effort to installing multiple bots, carl bot able to do the work of 3 – 4 bots with a single carl.

But for managing your discord server with other amazing sets of features you can also utilize MEE6 Bot or Rythm Bot as well.

It gives more benefits for new and old users to create streamlined processes. For initial use, they offer free services but if your server is huge then you can go with premium plans also.

Bots make things easier for admin, moderators as well as all the members. Just you need to use it wisely for different purposes.


The Carl Bot is a multifunctional type of advanced bot, It helps you to manage log details, store chats, auto mods, permission system, and create reaction roles. The AutoMod function offering the next level of service which restricted people from letting share them spammy material, attachments, or unwanted links and penalizes them who is responsible for such stuff.

Yes, using a carl bot is totally safe its user’s privacy policy is very strict and it never interferes with your logs. The AutoMod function will make it a much reliable and safer bot, amid there. It makes your discord server more secure from spammy activity. So use it genuinely and you never face any problem from carl.

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