Discord Spam Bots

This is an informative article about discord spam bots we are not promoting spammy activity over here. So here we aware of what is spam bot and how it actually works or there is any spam bot available or not for discord to avoid the spam or malware messages, plus using a discord spam bot intellectually is safe or not.

So stay with this post and keep scroll I cover all the topics point by point regarding discord spam bot.

If you used discord or manage any server then you know about millions of messages send or received throughout the entire day. But like our network provider, there are tons of spammy & junk messages spread over the discord network.

Which are annoying and affect our server’s stability or waste our time. It misleads us by giving malicious info. And sometimes we didn’t found out our important message because our inbox is full of this type of spam message.

Discord Spam Bot

Spam bots for Discord servers

Discord Spam Bot has developed with Python 3 and is specially designed for a Discord server owner who disappoints with unwanted messages. It makes by using some popular libraries such as discus, selenium, and to measure human behavior it uses requests also.

It easily differentiates spam text messages or images and kept them on a different path. So it never disturbs you again & again. Currently, the tag spam option is not activated there. But to get rid of spammy messages basic function is enough to handle junk data.

Vice Versa if you want to start bombing in someone’s discord server then the discord spam bot is able to do direct messages ( DMs ) with insulting text or images. When you start it, its auto-join the discord servers, and it easily bypasses the captcha or human verification process.

But for spamming if you want to use it then it’s totally up to you, you can use it for spamming or for anti-spamming as well. But we never encourage or promoting you about illegal activities here. The article is only about to give information for the things which are happening on channels via discord spam bot.

How do you stop spambots?

How to avoid emails going to spam - reSPACio

First of all for stopping spam messages on our server we need to install good antivirus protection in our system. Windows Defender is good enough but if you purchase premium once like Avast, McAfee then they somehow restricted this type of activity from our PC.

And the most common step we can take to stop this spam bot is we have to permanently block or ban this type of spam source.

Or we can give feedback or report to that particular ID. In 2021 this is not easy to harm anyone’s privacy by sending them unwanted spam stuff.

So first avoid them if they do continuously then take action and block them or complain to the server owner. That is better respond to this type of illegal activity on Net

Is spamming allowed on discord?

Discord is a neat & clean platform using for sharing data through the server. But the misguided people want to take advantage of that by doing spamming kind of thing to make money or sometimes they feel jealous by someone channel start bombing with spammy content.

But as the update comes out discord taking strict action against them they warn them first, if they don’t change their behavior then their account will get permanently ban or blocked for some time.

So doing a spamming activity or using the wrong bot for getting popularity is never acceptable. And for better info, you can read discord term & condition policy where it’s clearly mentioned used self-operating bots are totally prohibited there. So spamming allowed on discord.

Can you DM a discord bot?

Yes of course why not. If you facing any issue related to the bot you can personally Direct Message ( DM ) to them or their developer team.

Although they give responses via robotic chat. But at last, they solve your problem by consulting you it also depends on which type of discord bot you were using.

Popular bots have a good support team so they give replies instantly. But in some cases, if it doesn’t work for you then you can give feedback to their forums as well.

Were peoples are active too much if the owner doesn’t reply instantly, don’t worry there are thousands of people who are ready to help and the problem will go within a few seconds.

Is there a spam bot for the discord?

Yes, there are many bots available online which you can easily install to your discord server. They offer different types of features like avoiding spam messages or creating spam content for someone else.

But officially there is no popular bot that gives a good result in this section. And most of them are self-operating bots, so as I mentioned above discord doesn’t allow to use of this type of bot.

If you’re using anyone that means it will somehow risky to your server. A better way is to avoid them and use a genuine source for the bot if you want to restrict the unwanted spam messages in your server.

Features of Discord Spam Bot

  • Able to create unlimited accounts automatically
  • Join server frequently or commenting on forums
  • Collecting data from the user’s account
  • Text/image/videos insulting or nude spam
  • Easily bypass captcha and human verification
  • Multiple email account support
  • Support RDP, proxies, VPNs
  • Shows irrelevant pop-up ads to users
  • Support multiple browsers in windows or Mac, like Tor | Chrome | Firefox | Edge | Safari

What is spam discord?

Discord on Twitter: "We do take measures against spam bots! However reporting these to our Trust and Safety Team will help us make even more tweaks to keep even more spam bots

People do different types of spamming into discord servers or DMs. Like they Run a Bot and start sending repeated messages to everyone mostly they send LINKs or any misleading offers to attract the customers and all come from an unknown source like the above image.

If you’re using the SIM card of any network provider or any mail address. You will this type of message frequently comes in our Inbox or mail.

Example of Spam Message: We are inviting you to join our community. You just need to purchase our one-time plan then you can earn an unlimited amount of $$$$ monthly. So just click on this Link…

Innocent people easily trust, this type of bot advertisement and they lose their money. We can easily find out which messages come from Spambot.

If you’re getting messages daily from a particular address and they ask you from clicking a link or paying money then aware of this type of message never respond to this type of bot messages just avoid them and block if there is an option. They misguide the use and take benefits of unaware people.

How do I stop discord spambots?

If you’re getting continuous messages or commenting on your server by posting an unwanted link and you want to get rid out of them, then you need to take action against them like discord to have the option to mute, block, kick out, report, or bans someone’s account.

If you are getting messages from any particular source then just note down the user ID and block that user from all of your servers.

This is the best way to avoid spamming on your discord channel.

And you can too do complain about that ID, to the discord support team then or you report that ID, this is the highest action we can take we can report and tell them the actual reason what type of behavior the user is doing with your account. So in this way, we can stop the discord spam bot.

How does a spam bot work?

Spambots are computer programs which design to perform a repetitive task. If the admin customizes it then the spambots are able to create multiple accounts one by one, used for sending messages simultaneously, and nowadays mostly used for sharing links in social media. Sometimes this kind of website only requires limited data like name, email address, etc.

So bots can easily take it out from fake mail generator types of sites. Any bypassing the captcha code is an easy task for a skilled programmer. So as we set it recalls the same function in a time gap and sends multiple messages, creates an account, or sends emails. Bots are made to handle our tasks easier, but people used them for doing spamming which is not adopted by any reputed platform.

What is the most annoying discord bot?

Users say RelouBot is the most annoying bot for discord. Because for some functions it works differently like there is one word in French dit (\di\)  that means say. So if someone says direct the bot intercepted it like direct.

So whenever you write something over this bot especially if it starts from (\di\).

Then it takes the first and last word separately. This is a totally insane thing. Because there are many words that start from di, so it reaped the mistake again & again that’s why people get annoying while using this bot.

What does a spam bot do?

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Spambot functions the same according to its name. Basically, it is created for sending instructions frequently. It recalls one code all the time to perform repetitive tasks.

If we use it for good purposes then it will able to reduce man’s effort by sending data one by one. But often people use it for doing spam with someone’s account.

Spambots are able to do all the tasks of spamming and especially for what purpose is created.

So whenever you set a message ( Images, Videos, or Link ) it starts sending them to each guy which is joined on the server.

If you select the time gap then it’s able to send thousands of emails or messages within a few minutes. They are also able to collect user’s data, showing irrelevant ads, and commenting on forums as well.

How do I get a discord bot that sends messages?

There are many bots made up for discord for sending messages. They send welcome messages or invitation messages or you can customize the message also according to you via image, text, GIFs as you want.

There is one popular bot for this kind of service called ProBot, it welcomes user by there customize design, it auto moderate the server itself, support multilanguage up to 13, and it gives an automatic response to the trigger words.

ProBot grew very fast, and it has a very huge community of millions of members. So don’t worry about the reliability. And be creative with your welcome note by this embedded message service.

What is spam bot discord?

Discord spam bots are usually designed for doing a spammy activity over the server. When a users run a spam bot that means the bot is capable to do message attacking, on any account or start doing continues comment over someone’s channel, or collecting data from the server,

this type of stuff can be performed by a discord spam bot. Discord doesn’t accept this type of activity.

If you were functioning this kind of server for a good purpose like informing someone or for educational tenacity, then it’s somehow legal.

But as per the name, the main task of a spam bot is posting spammy malicious content over the discord server for misguiding the people and taking advantage of them.

What discord bot can purge messages?

Yes while using the discord bot you can purge your discord messages or servers. If you’re an old user you know about the mee6 bot.

Rather than moderating tasks it also offers the feature of purging messages from your channel. This is the most powerful tool to clean up our server.

In one action it can dispose of up to 1000s of messages at a single time. You can settle this number according to how many messages you have stored in your chatbox.

This bot allows deleting the chat from a particular user at a time.

What is spamming in discord?

Spam in discord means someone is doing malicious things on your server or account. Spamming in discord totally prohibited but some foolish people do it for taking revenge or feel jealous of someone’s success, or for making fun.

They start spambots with unwanted messages, links, or by commenting on forums frequently. Spam is like a phishing attack. but you do not need to worry, discord takes strict action against this type of illegal activity.

And there some bots also for moderating your server which prevents spamming at the extreme level. if they found you getting unwanted messages, images, or videos from an unknown source, so bots take instant action again, and if permit them they able to instantly block or report that ID.

Can someone hack you from discord?

Anti spam bot for discord using dyno bot automod - a how to discord video - YouTube

It sounds like a danger someone hacks your account. But there is very little possible if you keep your things secure then no one can hack your account.

People are crazy nowadays they tell their password openly in front of their friends or publish it on social media by giving hints. This is a very insane thing in today’s generation.

No need to share your personal information or password with anyone and keep resetting your passwords in some time gap.

There are many hackers who moderate this type of activity over the net. if they found such things share them openly then why they didn’t take benefit of it.

I suggest you never share your password with anyone even via WhatsApp or text message don’t send it. In some services, they don’t support end-to-end encryption.

so they got easily hacked. Online security is most important these data are our main assets now.


if you follow rules use secure antiviruses ( Saves you from DDoS/Distributed Denial of Service attacks ) then hacking is impossible in discord.

Is the mee6 BOT safe?

MEE6 is one of the most popular bots created for discord. It can handle the moderator job with very ease. By using discord reactions you can assign different roles.

Using a mee6 bot is completely safe. You can see on their website thousand of people using it without facing any problem.

Just be careful at the time installing give permission only which is necessary. Don’t allow full access to the server.

That doesn’t mean it has any wrong intention, I just suggest you whenever you install any app or bot just allow the permission which is required for that particular task.

Despite if you have a big server then before linking any bot just read their Term & Condition policy. All the details are mentioned there like what type of data they collect for making your experience better.

Does discord allow bots?

Adding bots is defiantly a unique feature of this popular communicating platform discord. Yes of course discord allows bots and this is also the main reason why people using it a lot.

Bots are helpful the perform automated task like inviting members, sending a welcome message, Plus, moderating if someone is posting spammy content over the server.

If they do then bots are able to ban or block them permanently. That’s why users prefer to use bots over discord servers. It really reduces the man’s effort and time to manage the server.

People also ask

1: Is there a spam bot for the discord?

Answer: You!! can easily find all types of a bot on the internet. But they are not popular enough because spamming is not a legal thing that’s why people avoid using it.

That’s why they have very limited users. There is a spam bot for discord named Dank Bot, which people used for entertainment purposes it has only hundreds of users.

There are several easy to use a command which helps you make your experience much batter like Music Command, Rando Command, Image Manipulation.

Am not encouraging you to do spamming but you want to install it for learning purpose or for making fun. Then it is ok!

2: Are spam bots illegal?

Answer: Yes!! the reputed company never allows spamming to their server. But spamming is used for two purposes good or bad.

So if you take it to promote any offers, or informing about your services then it’s good. But if you’re doing it intentionally by harming anyone’s right to making a profit, then it not acceptable in any condition.

ya spamming is totally prohibited in the discord server and even on all big platforms.

3: Can you make a discord bot?

Answer: Yes!! you can easily make any type of discord bot all kinds of tutorials available on google and on YouTube. We also post a guide about How to make bots for discord.

If you have a little bit of knowledge of coding then you might quickly make a discord bot without any hassle. You can utilize different languages for making bots like Node.JS, Python many others in which you’re comfortable.

4: How do spambots work?

Answer: Spambots are designed to perform repetitive tasks simultaneously. You can easily understand it as they work like a computerized robot. We put a code and they just recall that function again & again.

The working of spambots totally depends on how the codes are utilized and for what purpose the bote is made up. So when you start bot in alternative duration they start doing the same task continuously till we didn’t stop it.


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