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About e-MDs

e-MDs Patient portal is web based service to communicate with the clinic or the doctor in the secured access. It is an internet communication link between the patient and hospital clinic or with the doctor. Which is used to see the medical records of the patients and schedule the further appointments and many more through internet access. Anyone having the patient portal access can use the service from anywhere of the world for medical services provided by the respective hospitals. Most of the clinics use e-MDs Service to communicate with the patients of there respective clinic.

In Simple, Your hospital or the doctor’s clinic will tie up with the e-MDs Patient portal service to communicate with there patients and provide the necessary services to there patients. which will be hassle free for the patients to book appointments and view there health records without visiting clinic or the hospitals.

Again, e-MDs Patient Portal is Middle man between Patient and hospital, connecting both through internet in secured way.

Features of the e-MDs Patient Portal :

  • Message feature to communicate with the hospital

  • View your complete health history

  • View your Medical laboratory records and diagnostic results

  • schedule and appointment with your doctor

  • cancel appointment and schedule the appointments with doctors.

  • request for the medication re fell

  • print your medical statement and health history any time

  • Access round the clock in secured

  • Create an appointment in wait list or create an appointment for a future date.

  • Schedule an Email notification whenever you receive an message on your patient portal

I want to ensure that all the features mentioned above may or may not be used by the hospital or clinic you are tied up. Some of the features may not be used by your clinic. It all depends on the hospital. However, Most of them will allow to use very frequently used features like, view of their health records and scheduling the appointments.

Login Process in e-MDs Patient Portal

  • Get the username and password from the clinic staff

  • During your first visit, the Hospital staff will gather your information and will provide the username and link to create the password.

  • If you do not get any of the link. request your hospital for the online service login, where there will help you to provide the username or crating an account online for you.

  • once you create the password through the link provided by the hospital staff, Please keep the created password hardly for the login

  • Once, your password is ready and handy. Please use your hospital site to login.

  • If you do not know what the website is. Please call your hospital and ask for the website name to access your details.

  • Once you receive the website name.

  • Please enter the username and password to log in.

emds login page


Forget password of e-MDs Patient portal ?

  • Go to your hospital patient login page

  • you will find the forgot password option right below the login button.

  • click on the forgot password, you will be taken to the password recovery page.

  • Please provide the security question if you remember to retrieve the password. or else provide the registered Email address and Username to create the new password.


Send Message to Clinic or Hospital

  • Once you login to the portal.

  • Find the Tab Message and click on it, you will find the drop down

  • Click on the NEW MESSAGE in the drop down

  • A new window will pop up to message your clinic. with To, Subject and Compose fields as mentioned below. emds message

  • In the To Field, Click on the drop down and select the person from the drop down list to whom you would like to send a message to the hospital.

  • In Subject Field, Type the short description about the message to understand about the situation

  • Now compose the issue you are facing or the message in detail you would like to send to a person in the hospital.

  • Once you have completed the drafting the message you would like to send for the respective person to click on the Send Message.


e-MDs patient portal Customer Support

For all the queries related to the e-MDs Patient portal regarding your hospital, you need to contact your hospital. Your hospital phone number will be on the medical bill you received first time to your clinic.

Conclusion : I hoped this article as helped you to resolve the issue you are facing with e-MDs patient portal. Please let us if you have any questions in the comments, we are always glad to help you in resolving the login issue you are facing with E-MDs patient portal. The information we gathered in this article was based on the e-MDs patient portal guide, Please let us know if you have any issue with this article in the comments, we will try to rectify it as soon as possible.


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