How to make Discord bots [ The Ultimate Guide in 2021 ]

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Everything You Need To Know About How To Make A Discord Bot

How to make a Discord bot?

I am sure that you will have a clear understanding of the process of making a Discord bot once you finish reading this article.
You will have a clear picture of designing the Discord bot in five different programming languages which is not a simple thing.

I will help you out right from the basic level. You should definitely know how the Discord bots work before making your own Discord bot.
Once you get to know the basics, it is good to understand the implementation of the Discord bot in different languages.


Table of Contents

Discord bots Meaning, Definition and How it works

Discord bots are referred to as the automated robots that are involved in responding to the events by joining your server. A typical Discord bot usually consists of programming in the backend.

This code or programming will tell what needs to be done. The coding will be done based on such a way that the bot sees it and takes the particular action.

Let me give you an example of a bot called ping pong bot. The bot will be in the channel whenever it is online and actively listening to the chat messages.

The bot will be sending a notification to the Discord application programming interface whenever a chat message is sent.

Once the message is sent, the bot will read the message and will be looking for the word ping. If it finds the word ping, then it will respond stating pong.

what is Discord bot

This simple example helps you understand how the bots work on the backend. The bots will be notified whenever there is an event that occurs or happens in the Discord channel through the Discord application programming interface.

If the bot has the required code that can handle the event, then it will go through the code and run the bit of code that is associated with the event.

Discord work flow

API to simplify your Discord Journey :

One of the good things to know is that there are dozens of packages that are created for the Discord application programming interface (API) which is easier to use. The libraries are best to use instead of using low-level code. Libraries will make all the work easier.

In simple terms, the libraries will include everything that you will need to do with the Discord API into the set of commands. You can create the bot by using these commands,

which require less code and less hassle. The Discord API libraries will be used in this article to create a bot. Using libraries will be time-saving and is highly recommended.

Discord bots workflow

Till now, you have gained an understanding of how the bots work generally. Let me give you a detailed picture of what exactly it includes.

If you look at the picture below, you see multiple components named Discord users, official Discord server and API, and the bot server.

Discord users usually refer to the people who are connected with the server.

The official Discord server and API are maintained and run by Discord.

The bot server can be running either on the personal computer or any other server that is capable of running 24/7.

Discord bot work process

Apart from these components, bot code is also important which includes the code that specifies the actions to be taken by the bot.

The Discord users will be responsible for interacting with the channel, send messages, and take action accordingly. The bot that is running on the server will then interact with the Discord through the application programming interface, look for the events or the triggers that took place, and will react based on it.

Understand How Does OAuth2 work with Discord

OAuth2 is the interface that is used to connect the Discord bot to the Discord API. OAuth2 helps in adding the bots to the channels via OAuth2 requests.

I will not be getting into a deep discussion about this. However, you need to know OAuth2 is how you would be able to add the Discord bot to the server and also perform the authentication with the Discord API.

Something exciting is that all this can be performed without entering the credentials (username and password). The temporary access codes called tokens will be used to make it work without the credentials.

If you are a beginner, then it is advised to just know what it is. If you are deeply involved in coding, and interested in tackling the low-level code, then you can ignore the library and start coding each individual request. Coding each individual request is time taking and challenging.

Discord bot with GitHub and StackOverflow Platforms

Github is one of the platforms that include every project which is in public mode allowing the users to access, modify, branch, and download as and when required.

When you navigate to GitHub Explore and type in the keyword Discord bots and search in, you will see many thousands of examples of the coding part that you can use.

It is common that we encounter problems when trying to solve an issue. This would happen with the other individuals as well and they might have solved it at least once. You can search for the required coding and find many examples along with a good explanation.

There would be some scenarios wherein you will not be able to find a solution or answer for your problem using GitHub. We have one other platform called StackOverflow which will definitely help you in finding the solution to the problem.

StackOverflow is usually referred to as a question and answer forum for the IT programmers and developers who are involved in coding.

It will quickly help you in getting the answers to the problems along with an explanation. It is also called the Quora of programming, a site that involves coding aspects and also helps you in getting the expert opinions.

Time to Create Discord Bots

As you have now got an idea about the basics, it is time for you to get ready to create the first Discord bot.

You also got an understanding of the working of Discord bots, also you know where to go when you seek any help.

You also need to stick to one programming language to create the Discord bot, rather than trying using different programming languages. It is important to master one programming language.

You will be losing focus if you keep jumping from one platform to another. It is highly recommended to focus on one platform which would be your primary goal and create the master bot without any issues.

Make Discord Bots With Python

Discord Bot with Python

As you all know that Python is a programming language with readable code that has plenty of white space, so it’s easy to read and write

Getting Python for Discord Bot Development:

To get a better understanding and a good hold of Python, you can refer to the official website:

If this is the first time that you are using Python, then you can install Python by following the step-by-step guide by clicking on the link: This site gives you an understanding of the installation and configuration processes in Android, Linux, Windows, etc.

Once you download and install Python into your system, the next step will be setting up the library.

Python for Discord

Setting up library  and Using effectively to create Discord bots

As we discussed earlier, a library is recommended to avoid low-level coding by making use of the Discord API.

The most recommended and highly used library for Python is This library is available on GitHub. You will also be able to find out the answers or solutions to your queries, using the well-documented wiki and can also get any help in getting the project setup done along with some examples on how to code to create a Discord bot.

How to install library in Python

In order to set up the library, you can follow the step-by-step procedure by clicking on the link below: This guide will help you in setting up and getting it ready.

How to install library in Python

Now, Making a simple discord bot using Python

The documentation includes the tutorial that involves the step- by step guide to create a bot in Python within a short span of time.

Click on the link: to review the walkthrough that will give you an explanation of the code.

Below is the code that you will be used to create a minimal Discord bot using Python:

import Discord

client = Discord.Client()

async def on_ready():
    print('We have logged in as {0.user}'.format(client))

async def on_message(message):
    if == client.user:

    if message.content.startswith('$Welcome’):
        await‘Welcome!')'your token here')


What does the code do?

As soon as the bot is logged in and ready, you will be seeing a message on the Python console that you have run your bot from: “ We have logged in as {bot username}”.

Once the message is received from another channel, and if the message starts with hello, then the bot will respond back saying hello to the channel.

If you are a beginner, then it is a good sign and starts for you in Python bot development.

Adding Python Bot to server:

It is time for you to create an application in Discord to connect the bot and add the same into the Discord server.

Once done, you can get the Discord token assigned to you.

If you have observed previously in the above code, there is a line of code that says: “client. run(‘your token here’)”.

All you need to do is replace the token name of the bot in the place of your token here.

To have a detailed picture of the process of adding the bot token and adding the bot to the server,

Next step in Discord Bot using Python

At this moment, you have got an idea of how to create a simple Discord bot in Python.

Once you navigate to the Discord bot ideas section, you will get more ideas on bot creation.

I would also recommend you to go through the list of ways and ideas and browse the same in GitHub, figure out by searching and filtering your bot ideas, and check if anyone has done something similar like you.

You can review how they have laid out their bot and how the code is laid, have a review at the comment section which helps you understand the code easier.

Once you get an idea of how similar bots are created, it is time for you to start working on the coding part.

Creating Discord Bots in Java

How to make discord bot with java

If you are keenly interested in learning how to create the Discord bots, you will need to research and deep-dive into the advanced topics. You can get trained and keep up your skills in bot development.

Coding your Discord bot in popular language Java

Java is the most commonly, stable, reputed, and robust programming language used by programmers and developers for decades. There are thousands of IT people who depend on Java every single day.

If you think Java is the best for you, then this will be a perfect fit for you to start as a beginner.

Creating your own bot in Java will help you in learning all the different aspects that include setting up the project, adding libraries, configuration, coding, getting the bot online, etc.

We will be discussing two different Java Discord wrappers called JavaCord and Discord4J. Each of them will have its own advantages and disadvantages and the event handling system will differ from each other. It is your choice to compare both the wrappers and decide the best that suits you.

However, I would say both of them are very powerful libraries that would help you in getting the job or task done.

Let us get started!. Let us talk about the configuration of the environment, choosing the IDE, and also setting up the library for the creation of the Discord bot.

Configuration of Java Script for Discord bot development

If this is the first time that you are writing the code in Java or C#, you will be identifying a difference in the environment setup which will be different when compared with Javascript.

Javascript is one of the most popular languages that is used for the creation of the Discord bots.

I think we all know that Java development is done through the Integrated development environment or simply called IDE that exists in the local system. IDE is important and essential in the system as it helps you to write, compile and debug the code.

You will need to first choose an IDE, download and install the same in the system, set up a project and keep it running.

Let us know the process of IDE configuration and the library or wrapper that you have chosen.

Java IntelliJ IDE for Discord bot creation

There are many IDE’s available in the market. However, the most recommended IDE’s are Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. They have good customer feedback along with a stable nature.

Java IntelliJ IDE for Discord bot creation

IntelliJ IDEA is referred to as an open-source and free community version IDE that allows you to download and use it in a few minutes. It also provides extensive support for development on Mac, Linux, and windows.

According to my opinion, I prefer IntelliJ IDEA as it has a better look and feels when compared with eclipse.

Click on the link to download the IntelliJ IDEA and start working with it.

link IntelliJ IDEA Eclipse

Like IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse is also one of the Java IDE that has been used for a long time. It is also providing its support to the developers, resulting in a stable and robust nature.

Click on the link to download Eclipse and start working with it.

Discord libraries and wrappers for java bot development

As mentioned earlier, the Discord JavaCord and Discord4J have been identified as the popular Java libraries which are most commonly used and compatible to work with.

To make things easier like coding the bot, it is highly recommended to use any of the libraries before the development begins.

We will help you in explaining the setup of each library and also show the implementation of the wrappers or libraries in Java.

Which one to choose: Gradle vs Maven


When you try to set up the development environment for the libraries or the wrappers, you will be observing a delineation that exists between the Gradle and Maven. Let us know about them and the differences between them as well.

You need to know that Gradle and Maven are automated tools. While working on the project, automation tools like Gradle are responsible for performing the processing of the code compilation, packaging the same, and also perform the running of some automated tests.

It will also eliminate the stress by allowing you to save the series of steps that take place in a build so that the same can be used the next time as and when required.

To know about the differences between Gradle and Maven, click here.

What does this mean for Discord bot development?

It is important to use Gradle or Maven automation tools before adding the libraries which will exist as a dependency to ensure that these libraries are included in the bot during the compile time. Let us get to know the setup as well.

Integrating JavaCord or Discord4J into your Discord bot project

The most important thing is that you need to decide which library you would like to choose, either JavaCord or Discord4J.

To make a precise decision, below are some of the important aspects which will make you take the appropriate decision.

Update Frequency:

Discord4J is the library or the wrapper which will get frequently updated. When compared with the release tags that are generated by Discord4J and JavaCord, I would say Discord4J is more flexible and compatible. If you are looking for a library that includes frequent updates, then Discord4J is the best choice.

Contributors Working on the Project:

Discord4J has a high number of contributors when compared with JavaCord, it is double the time of JavaCord. As we look for a robust framework, Discord4J is mostly used by more people who are involved in making improvements and help in dealing with the less buggy code saving time.

Syntax Differences and Implementation:

Both JavaCord and Discord4J libraries make use of the event listeners, which allows you to create the filter to filter the events and run the code snippets as responses, once the event triggering takes place.

Discord4J is referred to as a reactive Java Wrapper for the Discord application programming interface whereas JavaCord is referred to as a Java wrapper for Discord API multi-threading.

Let us review the code examples of the simple ping pong bot and make a decision on which one to choose.

Discord4J – Simple Ping Pong Bot Code Example:

public class Bot {

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    DiscordClientBuilder builder = new DiscordClientBuilder("TOKEN HERE");
    DiscordClient client =;

        .subscribe(event -> {
          User self = event.getSelf();
          System.out.println(String.format("Logged in as %s#%s", self.getUsername(), self.getDiscriminator()));

        .filter(message -> message.getAuthor().map(user -> !user.isBot()).orElse(false))
        .filter(message -> message.getContent().orElse("").equalsIgnoreCase("!ping"))
        .flatMap(channel -> channel.createMessage("Pong!"))



JavaCord – Simple Ping Pong Bot Code Example:

public class MyFirstBotExample {

    public static void main(String[] args) {
        // Insert your bot's token here
        String token = "your token";

        DiscordApi api = new DiscordApiBuilder().setToken(token).login().join();

        // Add a listener which answers with "Pong!" if someone writes "!ping"
        api.addMessageCreateListener(event -> {
            if (event.getMessageContent().equalsIgnoreCase("!ping")) {

 // Print the invite url of your bot
        System.out.println("You can invite the bot by using the following url: " + api.createBotInvite());


I would say Discord 4J is the best library to choose as it is the most active library when compared to JavaCord. It is the same with JavaCord as well.

Sometimes, we feel tough to decide which one to use. At that moment, you can create a simple bot using both the libraries and check which library suits your needs better. Let us know some of the prerequisites as well.

As you already have the IDE, either Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA installed in your system, you also would have got an idea to either choose Gradle or Maven as an automation tool.

Apart from these, you should also have an understanding of the wrapper or the library that you would like to use.

Setting up JavaCord 3

JavaCord 3

To start setting up JavaCord, you need to refer to the link here to learn about the installation/download section.

Click on the link here to download JavaCord.

You will be seeing an IDE setup section that will help you with the guides for Eclipse/IntelliJ and Maven/Gradle.

IDE setup:

Once you refer to the guides or tutorials, you will be all set to configure the JavaCord either in Eclipse or IntelliJ and start the coding part.

Important JavaCord links:

Setting Up Discord4J:

Setting Up Discord4J

Click on the link here to start the setup of Discord4J and follow the installation guide. You will also see the guides for installation and download for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA and also Gradle and Maven.

Click on the link here to get through the download section in the guide.

Javacord 4 installation

Download and Installation:

The highly recommended way to get started with Discord4J is to make use of automation tools like Gradle or Maven.

Once the configuration of Discord4J is completed, you can review the simple bot guide on wiki. Click here to review the guide which will help you understand how the Discord4J works.

Important links:

Your Next Steps in Java Bot Development:

I think all the Java bot development environment is set up and you are good to go now. You also might have gone through the basic bot tutorials and got an idea of bot development.

What has to be done next?

It is time for you to start thinking about the ideas for bot development. You can scroll to the bottom and review the Discord bot ideas section to get some ideas.

Once you are ready with the idea, it is time for you to start coding and create the bot that you desire for.

C#: Using .NET to Bring Your Discord Bot to Life

How to make discord bot with C

I think you all might have heard about C# which is a programming language that is designed to run on the .NET framework. You will gain an understanding of the steps to be taken to create the bot in C#.

It is true that the .NET framework and C# language will help in getting the projects running quickly. You will need to use an IDE like Visual Studio when you work with C#. You will also be creating a graphical user interface that will allow you to create the buttons, text boxes, etc allowing you to create a full application with good functionalities.

Let us know how to set up the IDE for C# to develop the bot using C#.

Make Discord bot with C# along with best IDE

The first and foremost step is to choose the IDE that is most flexible, compatible, reputed for the C# development environment. The platforms like Visual Studio and Visual Studio code can be used for writing the code in the C# programming language. We will see in the further sections how to set up and configure the IDE for the bot development.

Visual Studio: The most popular C# IDE (recommended)

C# along with best IDE

Visual Studio is the platform designed and developed by Microsoft which is the best for .NET programming.

Visual Studio is available in both free and paid versions based on usage. However, you can use the community edition, to begin with.

It is recommended to use Visual Studio if you are using Windows as the primary operating system. If the primary operating system is Linux or Mac, then you need to use the Visual Studio Code.

Visual Studio Code: A great cross-platform C# editor

Visual Studio Code

You would not be able to use Visual Studio if you are using the Mac or Linux operating system. You will need an emulator or a virtual machine to make it work.

In order to get rid of the emulator or virtual machine, there came up an easy solution called Visual Studio Code which is a cross-platform editor that works all the different operating systems.

You can download the visual studio code using the link here.

You need to choose the IDE  and have it downloaded and installed. It is time for you to decide which API library or wrapper for the bot.

C# Discord API Libraries for Bot Development

We see that there are many wrappers/libraries that are available for C# bot programming. Among all the different libraries available, there are two libraries that are active and more flexible called DSharpPlus and Discord.NET.

Both Discord.NET and DSharpPlus are open-source libraries and viewable on GitHub.

How to pick wrapper or Library to create a discord bot

Deciding which library to choose to create the bot is one of the toughest jobs. Here are a few tricks and stats that can help you decide on the library.

Discord.NET is the library that has a higher development community that comes up with stable releases and also helps in keeping the library updated.

DSharpPlus has a smaller development community that has the fastest iteration and also comes up with suggestions and fixes which are faster.

Discord.NET is the wrapper that is best for backing and support while DSharpPlus is the library that is good at quick development and fixes bugs.

Setting up Discord .NET and DSharpPlus for Bot Development

Both the wrappers are distributed. One of the easiest ways to add the libraries into the project without downloading them or copy-paste them, including them, etc is by using NuGet.

You can use NuGet to add the dependencies to the project. Visual Studio has built-in NuGet whereas Visual Studio Code has come up with an Add-on called NuGet Package Manager.

Discord .NET Setup

Discord .NET Setup

You can refer to the link here to install the NuGet package manager. It includes the instructions for both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code as well.

installing with Nuget

Once the IDE and the library configuration are completed, you will be moving to the next part that includes the coding and creation of the Discord bot using C#.

DSharpPlus Setup

DSharpPlus Setup

In order to perform the setup and configuration of the DSharpPlus on both Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code, you can click on the link here and refer to the guide. This guide provides you the procedure and instructions to get DSharpPlus added to the project using the NuGet Package Manager.

adding Nuget

Once the DSharpPlus configuration is completed, you can start moving to the coding part.

Programming Your C# Discord Bot

By this time, you might have got the IDE installed in the system along with the wrapper or the library.

You can create a new project in the Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code. Once created you can add the library to the project through the NuGet Package Manager.

If you’re using Discord .NET:

You can follow the guide using the link here to create the first Discord bot using C#.

The code will be represented in the below format.

public class Program

public class Program
    private DiscordSocketClient _client;
    public static void Main(string[] args)
        => new Program().MainAsync().GetAwaiter().GetResult();

    public async Task MainAsync()
        _client = new DiscordSocketClient();
        _client.Log += Log;
        await _client.LoginAsync(TokenType.Bot, 
        await _client.StartAsync();
        // Block this task until the program is closed.
        await Task.Delay(-1);
    private Task Log(LogMessage msg)
        return Task.CompletedTask;


If you are using DSharpPlus:

You can use the guide here to get the bot up.

Below is the code that can be used to create a Discord bot.

class Program
        static DiscordClient Discord;

        static void Main(string[] args)

        static async Task MainAsync(string[] args)
            Discord = new DiscordClient(new DiscordConfiguration
                Token = "<your token here>",
                TokenType = TokenType.Bot

            Discord.MessageCreated += async e =>
                if (e.Message.Content.ToLower().StartsWith("ping"))
                    await e.Message.RespondAsync("pong!");

            await Discord.ConnectAsync();
            await Task.Delay(-1);


Next Steps in C# Discord Bot Development

I would say that it is great if you have followed all the above steps and guides to create a bot using the C# programming language.

To get better ideas to implement the creation of the Discord bot, you can go through the ideas section which will help you understand and create the bot of your interest.

Once done, you can navigate to the platforms like GitHub and look for the open-source bots that are available. You will also understand how to nurture and customize your code by reviewing the coding done by others.

JavaScript: The Most Popular Way to Make a Discord Bot

How to make discord bot with node JS

I think you have done a lot of research on the creation of Discord bots. Most of the Discord bot creation coding will be using JavaScript.

JavaScript is one of the trends being followed to create the Discord bots as it is more compatible and flexible, easy to set up when compared with the other development platforms available. And also it does not require any IDE in order to make it work.

JavaScript, as you all know, is referred to as the best language for beginners to gain knowledge. You will be able to determine the answer wherever you are struck.

You will gain an understanding of how to develop a Discord bot using JavaScript and Node.Js right from the scratch.

Choosing an Easy to Use JS Library for Your Discord Bot

Choosing an Easy to Use JS Library for Your Discord Bot

Like in the other programming languages, here also we will be using the libraries to get our work simplified.

For the JavaScript and Node projects, the library that is easy to understand and work is Discord.js.

Discord.js is the library that will help in simplifying the code and also allows the projects to run quickly. In this article, we will be adding Discord.js to the project which will include the coding part.

Let us start creating the bot application in Discord and generate the token that will be responsible for the bot communicating with the Discord API.

Creating Your Discord Bot Application and Generating a Token

The primary step is to create the bot application and get a custom token assigned to the bot.

Once the bot is registered on Discord, you can start inviting to your channels. Once the channel’s invitation is done, it will be communicating with the node.js code and actually start to function.

You can also go through the guide by clicking here. It will help you in creating the application in Discord. Once the Discord bot token creation is completed, you need to start setting up the development environment and program the bot.

Developing Your Discord Bot in JavaScript / Node.js

Let us get into a bit deeper discussion now. Let us go through the step-by-step process to get the bot up and running.

Installing Node.js and Discord.js

The primary step is to set up the node.js and Discord.js in your system. It can be done easily on operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux.

You can refer to the guide to set up the node.js and Discord.js in the machine.

installing the node on both windows and linux

Using the guide, you will be able to understand and go through the process of installing the node on both windows and Linux. You will also come to know how to create a project folder and how to utilize the npm to perform the installation of Discord.js.

Creating Your Bot’s Code Framework

Once the installation of node.js is completed and also Discord.js is included, it is time for you to start writing the code.

node.js installation and discord login

You can make use of the code editors like Visual Studio Code or Atom which have come up with the advantages like usability, speed, and look and feel.

Once the file is created in the project, you will need to load it up in the code editor. Below is the code that can be used.

const Discord = require('Discord.js');
const client = new Discord.Client();

client.once('ready', () => {



A new instance of the Discord.js client object will be created. Once the bot is logged in, a message will be written to the node.js console stating that it is ready.

The last line in the code represents the token generation which will help in establishing a communication between the bot through the Discord API.

Next Steps With JavaScript and Node.js Discord Bot Development

By this time, you might have understood how to make a Discord bot using JavaScript/node.js

What needs to be done next?

You can think of ideas to create your own bot. You can also refer to the ideas section at the bottom of the article.

Mobile Development: Making a Discord Bot On Your Phone

It’s exciting right when we know that the Discord bot is created on mobile. There will be some restrictions to perform mobile bot development.

Let us discuss more on how to create a Discord bot on the phone.

You also need to know that the Discord bot cannot be hosted from iOS due to some internal restrictions. It is possible to host the Discord bot directly from Android. You can use Termux and pm2 to host the Discord bot directly from the phone. One of the issues or concerns is that the bot will get disconnected when the phone gets locked. You need to ensure that the bot has to be up 24/7 and allow it to edit from the mobile itself directly.

Android Image
iOS image

The Best Option for Discord Bot Development on Mobile

It is easily understood that coding on mobile is a tough job rather than coding on a computer or a desktop. It is recommended to use large mobile devices like Ipads to make things easier and simpler.

The highly recommended option is to host the code on the third-party server and then make use of the SS client on Android or iOS in order to log in and manage the bot.

There are many benefits associated with it. The bot will be stable and running though there is a loss of service on your mobile phone.

It will also be accessible on any kind of device. You will need to download and install the SSH client onto the mobile.

In simple terms, we will be doing the following:

  1. Host the bot on a third-party server.
  2. Connect to it via phone through SSH client
  3. Modify the bot by using SSH and make any editing that is required through the text editor.
  4. Start the bot with node.js through the SSH client and see it running up.

Setting Up Your Third-Party Hosting Server

We will need a third-party VPS server (Virtual Private Server) in order to host the bot and we will need to connect it to the VPS to make the modifications to the code, upload the required files, etc.

You can follow the guide that will give you a clear explanation about the VPS server and how it runs.

The primary thing to be done is the set up the VPS account and also deploy an instance. Once done, you will need to log in to the VPS and create a new folder for the bot. Once done, you need to do the same setup for a JavaScript bot.

Once the VPS setup is completed, all you need to do is connect the VPS through SSH and also make changes to the bot files.

Connecting to Your VPS On Mobile

As you have now completed the VPS setup, you are ready to connect to the VPS through the mobile device. This can be done in two different ways based on Android or iOS.

VPS setup

Once the SSH client is installed on the device, you can pull up the VPS server information page and gain the login information. You can then login to the VPS from the mobile device.

Hosting Your Discord Bot for 24/7 Uptime

How do you ensure that the Discord bot is running 24/7? How do you keep the Discord bot online throughout the year?

The bot can be running always on the computer. However, how do you make sure that it is running when there is a power outage at your home or any place?

There is a possibility to use a free hosting solution. But they are not stable or reliable and may not work as expected.

What can be done in this case?

Using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) to Reliably Host Your Discord Bot

The best solution is to use the VPS. The bot can be kept by using the VPS server where you can host the server and keep it online.

You can follow the guide to gain a clear understanding of how to use the VPS.

Once the setup is completed, you will have a VPS server that is fully functional. It also allows you to make use of a process manager that would allow you to run the multiple bots on a single server which is amazing.

The Easiest Method: Make a Discord Bot in 15-Minutes or Less

Till now you have got an idea of how to create a bot using the development environment and different IDEs. Are you aware of bot creation without using any code? Do you really think it is possible?

Yes, it is possible to create a bot without programming. Though there are many different alternatives to create the bot without coding, they are also limited. There are some set of tools that will help you in creating the bot and this would be flexible only for small and simple.

Discord Bot Maker:

Discord Bot maker is one of the platforms that will help in making the Discord bots without the code. This is one of the decent solutions and helps in creating simple bots.

Discord bots without the code

Discord bot maker is referred to as an application that is available on steam that will help you create a bot within the user interface. It also required at least a little programming language in JavaScript.

Discord Bot maker also includes a documentation library. It also includes a forum that includes the question and answers.

Looking to the Future: “No Code” Bot Development Tools to Come

The number of applications that are available for the creation of the bot without programming is very less. There is no tool that includes all in one development of bot without the code. It is not developed yet.

We are sure that someone will definitely develop an application or tool that will help in creating the report without programming or coding.

What you should do next

There are many different options that are available to us. You can make use of a third-party application like a discard bot maker or you can also start learning a bit of coding which will help you in creating your own customized bots.

If you want to go in a simple way then you can make use of a third-party bot maker which will allow you to get rid of most of the code that you need for the bot.

To develop a bot that is much more complicated which has a Discord bot that requires customized features and additional ads on then you will need to definitely check for a programming language and implement the same using the programming language.

You will need to decide which one is the best based on your current situation.

Add Your Bot to Discord: Getting Your Token and Putting Your Bot Online

To bring up the bot online and give it a life you need to perform the three main steps. They are:

  1. Creation of the bot application through Discord.
  2. Generation of a secret token that will act as a key to control the bot.
  3. Joining the bot to the server

Once all these things are done, then it is important for you to have the token to make your Bot do what exactly it has to do by using a programming language.

Bringing your Discord bot to life:

The primary focus is to add the bot to the Discord and also get tokens and finally adding the bot online. You need to navigate to the Discord developer portal on and start creating a new application. Application creation is completed, you will need to give a Bot name along with the description and also a notify icon.

Once the information is updated you need to move to the bot tab on the developer portal and click on the add bot button.  Once you click on the add bot button, then it will convert the Discord application to a bot application.

A message will be displayed on the screen status in a wild bot has appeared,  which will then give you an option to reveal a token.

The final step is to add the bot to the server and create the required URL link which will be used to make it work.

Now what? Next steps:

Once you follow all the given steps in the guide you will be seeing a Bot that will appear in the Discord server as offline. The bot will be represented as offline until and unless you bring up and run your bot code.

ping pong bot

The program will be considered as a control system or a server for your bot and will help in communicating between the Discord using the application programming interface. An event will happen on the Discord and a reaction will be given to the trigger that takes place.

If you already have your bot application created and you can see the bot in your server, then the final step is to use any of the programming guides that will help you.

You will have to turn on the application and then you will see that the bot is online on the server and will start responding and reacting to the events that are triggered…

ping pong bot result

And so the bot has got its life now!

Coming up with genius Discord bot ideas:

It is tough to come up with bot ideas, now we are going to learn how to generate hundreds of interesting practical, and exciting bot ideas that are on-demand!

Here we will help you with the most usual types of bots that you create for the Discord.

Creative ideas don’t come easy:

When we try hard to get creative ideas on what type of bots to create my thoughts get stuck like writer’s block.

Calm your mind, let yourself loose, take a shower, make some coffee, just sit and relax then thoughts flow freely and you will see new ideas coming up.

Bot Idea generation exercises:

The first exercise is to come up with ideas for at least 10 to 20 items around which you think could become about.

Here are ideas that can give you some inspiration:

What use is on different servers which got your attention?

What do you wish your server had that is missing when compared to another server?

Once we have the 10 + ideas let’s filter them by their viability

The first filter is Interest –  does it feel interesting to you?  Are you willing to give your best to make this Idea work?

The second filter is demand: search around, check the other servers, what most of them need, what’s trending in the servers?

Types of bots you can create:

It was great going through the Idea generation exercise. To inspire you more, We will help you with types of bots that you can create which are popular for several years.

Music Bots:

Music bots are the most entertaining and popular of all the bots. These bots have the capability of playing music and set up music queues.

The audience on the server since we let them add a music list, the song which they want to play next and even save their own playlists

Music bots are also the most difficult type of Discord bot to create.


A chatbot is a simple Discord bot that can reply to chat messages. It can welcome everyone who joined your channel.

We can create a bot that detects the language and translates the messages. Chat bots are helpful in giving support information to the audience.

Economy bot:

The economy bot lets the users earn fake digital currency which can be used to get rewards, premium access, unlock, etc.

It will build an economic system within your Discord server. The users on the server will win the money through playing games like Solitaire, Ludo, etc they can be gifted to other users.

An economy bot is the best way to gear up the engagement of your Discord server.

Verification bot:

A verification bot has two purposes:

  1. Allow the authentic users to the server
  2. Prevent miscellaneous traffic and spam

It acts as a security and has a high demand.

Moderation bot:

A moderation bot will police the server in order to identify and remove, ban or stop miscellaneous uses.

It can filter some words in messages sent in the chat, so if someone is spamming the chat over and over a thousand times, the moderation bot will stop them

Giveaway bot:

Operating giveaways manually can be challenging. You will need to initiate the giveaway, monitor everyone who enters the giveaway then shout out the huge list entries and determine the winner.

We can use the giveaway bots so that the entire process can be automated, and it isn’t that complex to setup.

A giveaway bot will ask you what you would like to give away, how many winners there can be, You will choose ‘entry’ or ‘trigger’ for the bot to select the user(s).

Whenever the user responds with a certain what they will be entered in the giveaway.

After every interval, the bot automatically chooses a winner(s) at random.

It is fun adding a giveaway bot to your project keeping the users happy.

Meme Bot:

Meme bot completely gives the user entertainment value and keeps them engaged in your Discord server.

There are hundreds and thousands of meme bots but what brings them together is a centralized theme bot like Miki Bot for example.

You can also include anime memes, Cartoon memes, funny memes, movie memes etc. You will need to keep the bot included with entertaining theme memes and you will see good engagement from the users on the Discord bot.

Dice Bot:

Dice bots allow their users to roll out for a certain privilege or an item. The dice bots will provide the flexibility to specify the user with the maximum number you would like to roll up.

Dice bots will allow you to create creative bots but you also need to know that the dice bot project is an easy project which would help you to get hands-on experience in the decor bot development.

Getting even more inspiration and checking which Discord bots already exist

I think you have got an idea on how to develop your own Discord bot and also the different types of Discord bots available. However, if you want to look into the huge list of the bots that are available on the internet today.

You can review and you will find the lists of the most popular Discord bots available.

Final thoughts:

I know it has been a bit of a long journey. However, I am glad that you have now got an idea on how to create a Discord bot. It’s really good to see you at the end of the guide as you have got to know the important aspects to create the bots.

We have given you an idea on how to create the Discord bots using different programming languages and you can implement the same from your end.

We have also gone through how to keep the bot online 24/7 and also how to implement the ideas using simple tricks and tactics.

If you want to know more about Discord bots, you can get trained and certified.

All the best for your future endeavors.

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