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About MyPennMedicine :

In simple words we would like to say Penn Medicine is Pennsylvania’s #1 ranked health system. They put the world’s most advanced research to work At Pennsylvania Hospital, part of Penn Medicine,

It’s been three decades (30+ years) Penn Doctors and scientists did various discoveries like 

  • The first general vaccine against pneumonia
  • The introduction of total intravenous feeding
  • The development of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 
  • The discovery of the Philadelphia chromosome Its cancer research.

 Features Of MyPennMedicine 

  •  Check the health history wherever you are and whenever you need it
  • Instant access to the patient portal to the information you need most
  • Personal medical information with 24/7 access
  • Complete list of medical and health summaries. 
  • Tool to request prescription refills
  • Request  physician referrals, and pre-certifications
  • Book Appointments with doctors
  • Always stay in touch with healthcare team
  • Anyone can Schedule visits and check in online
  • Access and share your health information with doctor securely 
  • Get test results and notes from your doctor from your doctor
  • Pay your bill online securely. 

How to get MyPennMedicine Activation code

In order to sign up with MyPennMedcine portal one needs to have activation code which can be generated through online. However there are few stems to activate your account, First keep your activation code handy. 

Two ways to get your activation code : 

  1.  Find the Activation code on your medical bill as shown below 


MyPennMedicine activation code


2. Apply online to get the activation code.


MyPennMedicine Activation code form part 1MyPennMedicine activation form part 2MyPennMedicine activation code part 3

  • Click on submit once you fill up the form. If the information you provide matches their records, you will receive an MPM activation code by email shortly after you submit the form.
  • If the information you submitted did not match their records, No worries, One of their representatives will contact you b y Email in 3-5 business days with instructions. 
  • In order to get the activation code, Penn Medicine patients must have 18 years or older to have an account.

Sign up process for MyPennMedicine

And click on “Activate an Account”

MyPennMedicine sign up

  • You need to fill up request for activation code form (Hope you got the activation code, if not please read my complete article where i have told you on getting activation code. )

Fill the form “Please Identify Yourself”

MyPennMedicine identify info

  • Once you provide the information and click next. You need to create an username and then Email will be  sent for verification to create an account 

Login process for MyPennMedicine

MyPennMedicine login

Forgot Username for MyPennMedicine

MyPennMedicine forgot username

  • Fill the form “Recover Your myPennMedicine Username” and click “Submit

MyPennMedicine forgot username

If you do not remember any of the information and you do not have a valid e-mail address on file, you will have to contact your myPennMedicine system administrator at 866-614-7606 to help you regain access to your myPennMedicine account.


Forgot Password for MyPennMedicine

MyPennMedicine Password reset

  • Fill the “Password Reset form” and click on next. 

MyPennMedicine Password reset form


If you do not remember any of this information or lost information, you need to contact your myPennMedicine system administrator at 866-614-7606 to regain access to your myPennMedicine account.

How to Quick Pay MyPennMedicine Bill Amount

  • Login to :
  • Click on “Quick Pay”
  • Provide “Account Number” and “Patient Date Of birth”
  • Click on Next
  • Confirm the Bill Amount and click Next 
  • Provide the card details 
  • Pay the bill 


Frequently Asked Questions

How to book appointment at MyPennMedicine

MyPennMedicine book Appointment


How to cancel Appointment at MyPennMedicine

  • Login with username and Password
  • Under the Appointment tab click on  cancel Appointment.

MyPennMedicine cancel appointment

Trouble in accessing the MyPennMedicine Portal ?

We would request you to recheck the information and still if you are facing issue. Please contact (866) 429-6085. For support.

MyPennMedicine Activation Code Expired ?

Contact Customer Service (866)-614-7606.

Questions Regarding the Payments, Statements or Billing Information ?

Call Customer service :  800-406-1177.




Hi Readers, Hope this article helped you to find required information on MyPennMedicine Portal. Please let us if you find any difficulty or required more information on this portal. we will try to help you.  Please leave us comment.

Thank you again for choosing Ranvex.

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