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 About NextMD 

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Like a laptop user, you fully grasp the capability of an internet connection. Relate to Your Doctor through NextMD. NextMD is just a secure, online portal site to send a message to your own personal doctor for non-urgent health questions, to ask or cancel appointments, even to request prescription refills also to obtain evaluation results and testimonials.

  Types enroll in the NextMD Patient Portal (formerly NextGen® Patient Portal) website 

Your Clinic Might Register you into Next-gen Enterprise Patient Portal in a Few of the following Manners:

1. Issuing by token : If the hospital or clinic provides you token for the registration of the NexMD patient portal. Then, Use that token for the online patient portal registration.

2. Temporary username and password : In case your clinic provides you a temporary password, sign to next-gen Enterprise Patient Portal with your credentials. Type your username and password to produce a next-gen Enterprise Patient Portal accounts and fill out the registration.

3. Send a request:   Request one to send a petition, In case your clinic provides you the gateway site link or teaches one to register using the next gen Enterprise Patient Portal connection to the clinic internet site, use the hyperlink to register your self. After registration conclusion, a submit registration request appears that nations that petition was delivered in to the clinic and pending for approval. Once the petition was approved, you will be given a confirmation email to get the same.

4. Send an invitation link to your email address: When your clinic has encouraged one to register in next-gen Enterprise Patient Portal with the registration link provided for your own email address, then use that connection to sign up.

 NextMD Features  

1. Can be used in any web browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome and also Internet Explorer with better protection.

2. NextMD uses a multi-step authentication log in procedure to shield your own personal health advice.

3. “cell phone” capability. NextMD might be retrieved via your i-phone, Blackberry or every other smartphones.

4. Integration with next-gen for superior patient medical record administration.

The capacity to get evaluation results, testimonials, or perhaps a list of your health information via a secure email address.

 NextMD Sign Up Process  

Sign up process is easy on Next MD patient portal. Please follow the steps to create your username and password.

1. Get the token : Call to your doctors clinic and request for the token to rigister online patient portal. The clinic staff will help you to get the unique token number for you. which is initial needed for the Sign up process.

2. Go to website :

3. You will be seen page like mentioned below : NEXTMD LOGIN PAGE

4. Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT 

5. You will be directed to the Terms and Conditions Page. Please click on I ACCEPT NextmD Login page .

6. Now you will be taken to the first step of the enrollment process. where you need to select one of the option as stated earlier. Next Md patient form

7. Click on I HAVE AN ENROLLMENT TOKEN to proceed and create the credentials.

8. Now, You will be taken to five easy phases to complete the process as mentioned below :

  • Token details : You need to provided the token number which was generated for you through your doctors clinic or hospital.

  • Account options : Need to create the account with username and password for login. so please provide your name, address and necessary details.

  • Account credentials : Create Password and confirm the password

  • Security questions : Select the security question to recover you credentials in case you lost.

  • Google Authentication : once you provide all the details to make sure you are the authorized person, An email will be sent to you Gmail or registered Email address. Please confirm the Email address to complete the process.


 NextMD And NextGen Frequently Asked Questions 

 How to recover my username in NextGen or NextMD?

a. Go to the NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal logon Page

b. Click on Forgot Usernane

c. It will as for verification Email Address. Type you registered Email and submit.

d. You will receive an Email with username and password

How do I change my username NextMD or NextGen?

  • Go to the NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal logon Page

  • Click on Account settings

  • Here you will find the edit option to change the Username


How do I reset my password ?

  • Go to the NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal logon Page

  • Click on Forgot Password

  • You will be asked to type the Email address. Give the registered email address and click on submit.

  • you will receive an verification Email to your inbox, Please check you SPAM folder if you do not find in the inbox.

  • click that verification link sent to you

  • it will redirect you to the password reset page where you need to create a new password and typed the new password twice to make sure you have entered correct and click on submit.


What is a password reset token?

It is a password token received from your doctor clinic on your request for the password reset. Its eight digit token number.


Why my NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal account is temporarily blocked?

Few reasons for your NextGen Patient portal account was blocked :

  • Might be patient is not using the portal for long time

  • Might be patient did not visit the click for long time

  • might be patient has un-enrolled form the service

Must contact the doctors clinic or practice to re activate the account.

Can NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal on my mobile device?

Yes !! NextGen Enterprice patient portal can be used on mobile device.  (

Mobile devices running on Android™ 4.0 or later or Apple® iOS 7.1 or later are supported.


Mobile app for NextGen Enterprise Patient Portal?

Yes!!! Application for the mobile device is available.  You can download it from the App store or the Google Play store.

Can I see my medical records?

Yes !! You can access all the medical records


 How do I access a patient portal?

Please watch the video to understand about patient portal of the Nextgen and NextMD.


Conclusion :  Hi Readers, Hope this article has helped you to solve the problem your are looking on NextGen and NextMd. Please let me know if you have any questions through Comments, We will try to provide the answer.  However, This article was written based on the information on the nextgen portal and the frequently searched questions on the web. Please reach us if you find any difficulty on this article. For any additional information on the NextGen or NextMD please reach to official website to resolve your quations.

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