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About PayMyDoctor :

PayMyDoctor Is one of the USA’s most leading online platforms to pay the online medical bills and one of the easiest ways to pay doctor bills online, which made the Patients bill payments hassle-free. Below is the list of States which use PayMyDoctor very frequently as per google trends. 

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Nebraska
  3. Michigan
  4. Virginia
  5. Tennessee

PayMyDoctor Trend, Useage

Through PaymyDoctor, caretakers can pay Doctor/Medical bills and check the Patient reports and health records during the treatment with NO Extra cost, which made them acquire more market around the united states. 

Benefits of Pay My Doctor :

  • Pay medical bills with hassle-free.
  • Easy Enrollment process.
  • setup auto pay
  • check statements online and print
  • Make quick payments without creating a user-id 
  • Check the health records with no extra cost.
  • Check all the medical bills and download them at any time.
  • Make Secure and reliable payment.
  • Can make payments using any Debit/Credit card.
  • Patient information and medical bills are secured and protected from third-party.
  • Last but not least, it is most widely for bill payments around the united states. 

PayMyDoctor Enrollment Process and Login Guide

As stated earlies, Creating a new user/patient ID at Pay My doctor is a speedy process and easy enrollment process, which was liked by everyone. Please follow the below steps for registering the new user/patient ID.

To Access the medical bills and records of the patient in the future, one needs to create an account at paymydoctor.

  1.  First, go to the website where you will find the below-mentioned page. Click on CREATE AN ACCOUNT

Image Source:

It Wil direct to an enrollment form page where you need to provide below information, would request you keep the information mentioned in handy 

  1. Client ID (Mentioned on the Medical/Doctor Bill)
  2. Account Number : (Mentioned on the Medical/Doctor Bill)
  3. Five Digit Zip Code : ( Mentioned on the Medical/Doctor Bill)
  4. UserName (Patient name )
  5. Password (Need to give one secured password for yourself)
  6. confirm Password (Re-type the password. Give in step 5.)
  7. Email Address (Need to provide Email Id of one who would like to access this portal)
  8. Confirm Email Address (Confirm above mention Email address in step: 7)
  9. Mobile Number (Provide the mobile number of the person who would like to access this portal )

Please find the below screenshot of the medical bill :

PayMyDoctor Online Enrollment

Click on Next to verify the details and confirm the details that you have provided to create an account.

How to reset the password for PayMyDoctor :

  1. Go to website

and click on (Forgot your Username and Password? ), as mentioned in the below screenshot.

PayMyDoctor Forgot Password

     2. It will redirect to the page where you can reset Password or UserName Click on Forgot Password to generate a new password

Paymydoctor forgot password reset

     3. It will direct to page where you need to provide the registered Username and password

Paymydoctor reset password

     4. Provide Username and Email address and click on Submit.

         you will receive a verification email with a link to your registered Email along with verification link. 

     5. Click on that link to verify. Now, next web page where you need to create a new password. (Password should at            least 8 characters with 2 letters and 2 numbers)

     6. BooM.., Now you are right to login PayMyDcotor portal with a new password. 

How to reset Username and Password for PayMyDoctor

  1.  Go to website

and click on (Forgot your Username and Password? ), as mentioned in the below screenshot.

Paymydoctor forgot password

       2. It will direct to page where you need to FORGOT USERNAME as mentioned below 

paymydoctor forgot username and password

        3. It will redirect to the page where you need to give Email Address which was registered earlier

paymydoctor lost username and password

      4. Now you will receive an email along with the username. 

       5. Once you receive the username, log in with the old password if you remember or generate the new password,               as mentioned above. 

Pay hospital/Medical Bill using Quick pay without logging at PayMyDoctor Portal. 

  1. Go to website
  2. Click on PAY NOW

paymydoctor Instant bill payment and quick payment

        3. It will direct to the Quick Pay page, give the following information as mentioned on the medical bill. 

  • Client ID 
  • Account Number 
  • Five Digit Zip Code 

paymydoctor Quick Payment


Please find the below image to see the details on the medical bill.


paymydoctor Quick Pay

PayMyDoctor Customer Support Contact Number :

Reach out to the number on the medical bill for any kind of support or issues facing during online payment. There is no standard customer support for the Pay My Doctor portal. So, all quires customers need to call on the number mentioned on the medical bill. 



FAQs On PayMyDoctor : 


Can we recover the username and password?

Ans: Yes !!! anyone who lost username and password can generate again. 

PayMyDocoter Contact Number?

Ans: There is no specific contact number dedicated to PayMydoctor. You need to reach out to the telephone number, which is there on the medical/Doctor bill for any kind of quick resolution.

      Is PayMyDocotor bill is real? Or PayMyDoctor Legit?

Ans: Yes !! It’s real, which is powered and developed by Allscripts. With more than 30 years of experience, they take pride in partnering with and connecting consumers, providers, payers, and communities. Today, Allscripts partnership and solutions, including electronic medical record (EMR), population health, and patient engagement, enable organizations worldwide—of all sizes—to change what’s possible in healthcare.

      Where to find PayMyDoctor Client ID?

Ans: We have attached the sample bill in this article and highlighted the Clint ID with a yellow marker. If you could not find it easily, please let us know if you still find it challenging. 

     How to modify the password in PayMyDoctor?

Ans: You may modify your password by logging into the My Account section and selecting Change My Password. Please keep your new username and password in a safe place for future use.

      PayMyDoctor Password creating an issue?

Ans: Password must be a minimum of 8 characters, containing at least 2 letters and 2 numbers.

      PayMyDoctor Customer service Contact number?

Ans: there is no specific contacted number dedicated to PayMyDoctor. For all queries, you need to reach out to Phone number or Email Address provided on the medical/Doctor Bill. 

     Can we pay the bill amount in partial payments?

Ans: Yes !! There is an option to pay in a partial amount. however, we cannot guarantee if they change any of there policies. 

     Is it secure to give debit/credit card details in PayMyDoctor?

Ans:  We accept credit card payments for services performed by our facilities through this Site. Paying for assistance over the Internet requires you to provide your personal identifying information and credit card information. Several practices make providing sensitive credit card information more secure and therefore make you feel more comfortable about doing so.

We use the following e-commerce practices to ensure the security of your personal financial information:

To process your credit card payment, you need to provide certain personal financial information, which may include the card type, account number, expiration date, your card’s billing address, and a credit card verification (CCV) number.

All credit card information will be transmitted in an encrypted format using industry-standard, SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.

Your credit card information is not maintained on a web server following the completion of your payment transaction.

If you store card information in your profile, that personal data is stored on a server, which has been certified as compliant with the highest industry standards for security.

We will keep all payment card information in the strictest confidence and will make every effort to maintain the privacy and security of the report at all times.



Hi Readers, I hope we have provided maximum information about PayMyDoctor. Hope you have got helped with this article. Please let us know in comments if you need any more information about PayMyDoctor, we will try to publish.  Thank you again for being on Ranvex.


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