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About Menards 

Menards Is a family owned company which was started in 1958 is headquartered in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. It has more than 300 home improvement stores located in Illinois, Indiana, Lowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Today it is the leading store in the Home improvement industry in the United states. 

First and most there are committed to quality service where they gained good will in the entire United States with their quality in service and products and with lowest price. 


About TM  Menards Employee Login Portal.

TM Menards Login (Team Member Menards Login)  is one of the web based login portals for employees based in the United states of america for Menards Employees. It’s the central access to all the employees to access their details and benefits provided by the Menards organisation. 

Benefits of TM  Menards Employee Login Portal. 

  • Access and avail benefits provided by the Menards  
  • Check your Profile and other Profile of Menards Organisation. 
  • Check the list of holidays for the financial year. 
  • Check the leave balance
  • Check your Live work performance.
  • Can access your payroll information
  • Can fill the application you sent to any department with status. 

Requirements for TM  Menards Login 

As you know it is only for the Menards for its Employees or to the people who work for the Menards organisation.  

  • Only Menards Employee can login to this portal. 
  • One who wants to access this Portal needs to have Team Member Menards Number and Password. 
  • TM  Menards Number and Password will be provided by Your General MAnager or HR Coordinator.
  • Must Have internet access with good speed. 
  • Web Browser with latest version. Sometimes you find difficulty in accessing the portal with the lowest version. 

Once you have all the required information, It’s easy to login with there official login portal.

TM Menards Login step by step Process

We would request to follow the step by step process for login if you are new to this portal. 

  • Open the website with the following link :

You will be able to see the screen as mentioned below : 

  • Enter the Team Member Number and Password 

( Member Number and password will be provided by your general manager or your HR coordinator. If you still have trouble in getting it then please visit your Payroll Administrator to resolve the issue. )

  • Once you provide the Team Member Number and Password just hit on LOGIN. 
  • If you have any issues with login please reach to your payroll administrator to resolve the issue. 


TM Menards Password Reset 

  • Enter Team Member Number in the field in next step as below 

  • Now once you enter the Number click on SUBMIT.
  • In few movements you will receive an email to your official mail id to reset the password. 
  • Just click on the link in your email and reset the new password. 

TM Menards Change Password 

  • You will be redirected to the next page where you need to change the password as mentioned below image

  • Once you enter your TM  Menards NUmber, Current Password Then you need to give the New Password you would like to give and retype the new password twice to make sure you have not mistaken it in first place. 
  • Once you have entered the details click on Save. 
  • Once you hit Save Button your new password will be activated and you are ready to use the new password


To make you more convenient Please find the below video to understand clearly on how to access TM  Menards Login.


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